About Connect Airport Transfers

After grappling with stormy days alongside others for years, we made a pivotal move in 2019. Our first 4×4 Sprinter emerged, an instant hit embraced by both customers and drivers. The smiles on our drivers’ faces spoke volumes – no more concerns about getting stuck and inconveniencing passengers. This van turned heads like never before, prompting our swift decision: only 4×4 Sprinters from now on. Now, we’re delighted to possess more of these coveted vehicles. At Connect Airport Transfers, we’re committed to offering the finest, most capable vans in the industry

Our Adventure Vans

Escape the discomfort of cramped travel. Relish 8 spacious leather seats, designed for adults of all statures. Inside our van, revel in over 6 feet of headroom, ensuring even your tallest companions won’t feel confined.

Undoubtedly, these vans reign as the market’s safest. Sporting 4-wheel drive and an array of Mercedes safety features: active brake assist, 360-degree cameras, blind spot monitoring, and distance assist, among others. Our luxury adventure vans boast top-tier winter tires, a detail you won’t miss!

Our vans embody not just supreme comfort and safety, but also unmatched style. The trend of guests photographing our vans began when we introduced the 4×4 models. If you seek to amaze friends and family with your vehicle choice, your search ends here!