Mountain Bike Shuttle From Vancouver To Whistler

Summer season is on the way, and it’s high time for adventure enthusiasts to go out and explore some different destinations. Whistler is a famous spot near Vancouver, and Whistler is world-renowned for mountain biking, hosting thousands of bikers every year. Whether you are traveling with your family along the Valley or want to enjoy summers on the peaks of mountains with your friends, you belong in Whistler. Whistler Mountain is a blast; you’ll find endless fun and adventure around every corner.

Our 4×4 Sprinter vans can accommodate up to 6 mountain bike bags plus luggage !

Weatherproof, Safe And Reliable Transportation

If you are planning a trip to Whistler with your mountain bike crew, but worried about reaching your destination with your precious mountain bikes and all of your equipment safely, don’t worry, Connect Airport Transfers is here to help you.

Connect Airport Transfers provides the most reliable private shuttle transfer service from Vancouver to Whistler. We offer one of the fastest and most efficient way for groups going from Vancouver Airport to Whistler. You will be driven to Whistler in one of our 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Passenger vans, luxury all the way.  These vehicles are extremely rare and regarded as the industry leaders. They provide the most comfortable and best-viewing experience to take in those spectacular views.

Unlike others, we value your time. We schedule your trip entirely around your flight arrival time. We closely monitor every flight arrival in case of any delays. Efficiency is our speciality; we never mix groups, so once you have your bags, you don’t need to wait another single minute.

Reliable Transportation To Get You On The Trail

With our exclusive 4×4 Sprinter airport transfer service from Vancouver Airport to Whistler, Connect Airport Transfers ensures you’re dropped off at your accommodation in the safest most timely manner allowing you more time to begin your adventures. We provide the most spacious, efficient and safe airport transportation service around. Whistler is a beautiful place where you are not limited to one activity. You can ski/board, bike,golf, hike, swim or even fly fish in our beautiful lakes. Whistler is best known for the No 1 place to visit when wanting to experience these thrills and adventures! 

Furthermore, with our shuttle from Vancouver Airport to Whistler service, Connect Airport Transfers ensures you to drop to your destination as soon as possible to begin your experience.

Living locally in Whistler for over 20 years we understand the importance of providing a top quality service. Rather than taking a bus to Whistler or a Whistler Shuttle while going from Vancouver airport to Whistler, start your vacation in style by choosing Connect Airport Transfers, you wont regret it!